Things to avoid when choosing accountants

When you are in search of financial advisors in Middlesbrough to help you maximise your wealth and handle your investments, there are several qualities you will be looking for. A good reputation, relevant qualifications, experience and great references will all be near the top of the list. There are also some things to avoid – here are our tips for what not to look for in a financial advisor.

–  Pushing the priciest products

Some advisors build up their practice and earn extra revenue by pushing certain products such as mutual fund shares and annuities. There is no harm to this but it can be a sign they are looking after their own bottom line rather than your interests. You should always beware if the advisor tries to push a pricey product on you. We always have your best interests in mind and will only make recommendations that benefit you, rather than us.

– Focusing on the short term

A long term focus is essential when it comes to building wealth. Buying and selling frequently does little to improve your investment unless you are very lucky and aggressive. Even then, this leaves you at risk of losing out. It is always better to think long term and have a stable portfolio. This also makes it easier to adapt to changes in the market. You should choose an advisor who shares your focus and will look to the future, helping you to achieve long term success. This is what we focus on for our customers, implementing plans that will not just benefit them immediately, but well into the future.

– Barriers to communication

The ability to get in touch with your advisor as and when you need to is important. This will help to build a better relationship and means you’ll have access to information whenever you need it. Obviously they can be very busy but this shouldn’t prevent them from sparing a few minutes to call or email you if you need their help. They should also be proactive in contacting you to give you updates. At Robert Carlton, we pride ourselves on our excellent communication skills, helping our clients to achieve their financial aims.