Protect your family with whole of life assurance

When a family member passes away, the loved ones left behind may be left with financial worries. One great fear that many of us have is how our family will cope with our absence. Of course, there are many ways to handle this; whole of life assurance can be particularly helpful for safeguarding your family when you pass away. When it comes to finding the right whole of life assurance policy for your needs, our financial advisors in Middlesbrough can help. We have the expertise and knowledge required to provide you with a satisfactory solution for your financial concerns.

Life assurance is practically a necessity, especially if you have dependants, helping to cover a mortgage and provide a financial buffer. When your income ceases, your family may be in need of extra financial assistance, which is where life assurance can truly help. Whole of life assurance is one of the more popular policies available.

Whole of life assurance pays out on death, whenever it occurs. It often includes a premium, which may include an investment element so that cash-in value is provided even if cover is no longer needed in the future. A premium is charged based on the cost of providing the cover, as well as the client’s age and general health. There are different sub-categories of whole of life assurance, including whole life with profits, including the investment element, and unit-linked whole life policies, where the premium is split between investing and providing for the cost of the insurance. Death cover is also variable, as you can choose from maximum, minimum or balanced death cover.

With so many different categories and sub-categories of life assurance, it can be quite difficult to make a decision, but we are here to help. As we are independent financial advisors in Middlesbrough, you can be completely assured that our services aren’t tainted by bias. Instead, we operate to find the best policies available for you and your circumstances. Whole of life assurance is incredibly important, which is why we work to ensure you find the policy that is exactly right for you and your family.