Privacy Policy

Robert Carlton Independent Financial Advisers has set out our Privacy Policy to show clients how much effort we put into ensuring your personal information is handled carefully.

Personal information includes data that can be used to identify you including your forename and surname, home address and contact details. We ensure all of these details are handled with care and generally visitors to our website won’t need to input any of this information in order to use it.

Clients that do provide us with their personal information can rest easy in the knowledge that it is stored securely in the UK in line with the Data Protection Act. We never share or sell data to third parties; the only time it will be transferred is if it is within our company.

Cookies and Tracking Technology

Some of the pages on our website use cookies and tracking technologies to help improve the experience for users. You may find that the site saves your personal information so you don’t need to enter it every time you log on to a page. This is achieved through the use of a small text file known as a cookie. You can set your web browser to decide whether you want to accept cookies, control and delete them. Many browsers will also notify you when cookies or tracking technology is encountered.

Other tracking technologies are used to gather statistical information rather than personal details. The data they gather can include IP addresses, browsing patterns, the date/time you visit and what operating system you are using. This data is used purely for analysis of trends and to gather statistics so we can determine the performance of our site and make improvements.

In order to ensure your privacy is protected we have adopted a number of policies:


When Robert Carlton Independent Financial Advisers collects and stores personal information via our website we will explain exactly why this is occurring.


Visitors to our website will always have the option of not providing their personal information. If you do choose not to do so it may affect the services we can provide and you may be unable to take full advantage of the resources we have on offer.

If you do opt to work with our team of financial advisers, we will contact you periodically as part of our service and to maintain the business relationship.


When we hold your personal information at Robert Carlton Independent Financial Advisers we take appropriate actions to ensure it is protected to the best of our ability and never disclosed to an unauthorised party.


When you do provide Robert Carlton Independent Financial Advisers with your personal information we will do our utmost to maintain its accuracy. When we collect data online we will provide a means to contact us for the purpose of updating the details when required. If these services are unavailable for any reasons changes can be made by sending corrections to and we will update the records for you.

Privacy of Children

The Robert Carlton Independent Financial Advisers website is not designed for use by children. To this end we do not collect personal information from any visitor known to be aged 16 or under.


Privacy is one of our main commitments and we strive to uphold the individual rights of people on the internet. Our website will constantly evolve to incorporate changes in the industry and initiatives to maximise online privacy.

Comments or queries about our privacy policies are welcome and can be emailed to us directly at We will make every effort to address issues quickly and respond to them.


Use of this website means you accept the terms of our privacy policy including the secure storage of personal information when it is required for the purposes explained.