A wealth of potential benefits

It is unlikely you will achieve your goals if you don’t keep an eye on your finances. This could be managing your money, securing your future, or investing. It might even be worth working with one of the expert financial advisors Middlesbrough is home to. Continue reading

Arm yourself with advice before shopping for a mortgage

As buying a home is such a major financial outlay, it is little wonder that there are potential pitfalls. Purchasing a property may be daunting, but it is an exciting venture and can offer you many long-term financial advantages. As with any significant life choice or considerable purchase, it is best to equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible before you make any decisions. This way you can stay informed about possible mistakes and ensure you avoid them. Continue reading

Is there a gap in the financial advice market?

The House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee has published its first report on Pension Freedoms since the new rules were introduced in April. At the time the move was heralded because it gave people more control over their pensions, letting them decide how to invest their money rather than having very limited options such as an annuity. The new report takes a look at the current situation six months on. Continue reading

Helping you to deal with pension freedom

This year, the government has introduced radical changes to the existing pension system which could have an effect on your pension planning. One of the main changes was the introduction of “pension freedom”, to begin in the 2015/16 tax year. Essentially, this means that anybody aged 55 or over can take the entire amount of their private pension as a lump sum, paying no tax on the first 25%. The rest of the sum will be taxed as if it were a salary at their particular income tax rate. Continue reading

It’s never too early to start saving

Regardless of your age or income, it is always a good idea to seek advice about savings and investments. Doing so will help you to explore all of the options in a far more in-depth manner so you can decide which is best for you. It will also help you to look at all of the fine details so you don’t end up choosing an option that comes with tough terms, hidden costs or big risks. Continue reading

Preparing for retirement with personal pension plans

The purpose of a pension is to provide you with the financial support you need when you permanently stop work. As the pension markets are subject to constant change it can be a challenge making the right choice when planning your long term financial future. Retirees undoubtedly face complex decisions, but long term planning will alleviate any concerns and make sure that you are financially covered for your retirement years. Our independent financial advisors in Middlesbrough can help you select the pension plan that will work for you. We offer a comprehensive service and the most beneficial recommendations and support. Continue reading